Some have all the luck, Some just live in the dirt.

Down where we belong.

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Soo.. Currently staying at my aunts. She told me if i can get a job i can stay here, save up money, etc. After that i could do whatever. But if i dont get a job i have to go back to tyler TX, which isnt exactly the most exciting place. Its not even just that, the town just feels like its dead. Very depressing.

But im also thinking its about the same as living in porter. "The ass end of houston". I know like 0 people that live here, nothing happens here.. Everyone i know pretty much lives on the other side of houston, or in houston. Being an hour away from people is sort of a bummer. But yea.. babble babble babble.

Maybe i should just go back to tyler. I do like being in houston, but yea.. who knows. bleh.. *ends rant*

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or I KNOW come to houston. good plan right?

I agree, it really is a fabulous plan.

p.s. sorry rachael.

i repeat. with the whole 3 bucks in my wallet.

with the whole 3 bucks in my wallet.

Ok, picture this:

Living out in Hicksville, the only neighbours for MILES are a middle aged couple that you don't really see that often...the nearest town, gas station, store, whatever is about 45 minutes away (by car), and of course, at daytime you HAVE no car, so you're pretty much stuck.
Not to mention, most of the time you're in company of a senile old man who likes to hear his own voice and doesn't care if you're busy or not, and a rabid dog who's life mission is to chew your arms off.
THAT'S where I'm at:))) I betya your situation doesn't sound as bad now,huh?:)))

i wasnt trying to imply that i was worse off than anyone else.. sorry..

I wasn't implying that you were implying that you were, silly *pokes*:))

I live in a big city. & I do whatever I want always, & I am never more then 3 minutes away from a 24 hours establishment at all points in time. & I like that Travis's icon is a stick man rubbing one out with a facial expression similar to total mortal terror on his face. Like SATAN is in his fucking COCK.


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