Some have all the luck, Some just live in the dirt.

Down where we belong.

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Fully Alive?
I forgot i had this.. heh..

So yea, i remembered i had it and read some friend journals for a bit, and decided to make an update. Pretty boring stuff though.

I still live in tyler. New apartment. Was going to move to oregon with the best friend but he turned douched and screwed me over.

As of now i work as a nite stocker makin aboot 9 an hour. Wage slave for the win.

I also cut off all my hair for the new job. Very sad i know.. And is till have it =\ its in a braid in my dresser. Cant part with it just yet.

The good news. Was told when i wanted this job i could have it. The job? Oil field. Starting at 22 dollars an hour. I would work 7 straight days, 12 hours a day. Then i would have 7 days off. 7 on, 7 off. Doesnt sound to bad, Mostly because after 40 hours id be making 33 dollars an hour for the remaining 44 hours of the week. Sounds very good to me. So my plan now is to get a new car, get in a lil better shape for the labor involved in the oil field. Then scram out of this town.

Oh yea, i would be moving to dallas. Because where id be working is close to there, and i dont feel like driving a 9438395 hours back and forth. Its still a little ways off, but its something to shoot for, which is good. Motivation is key. Anything is better than tyler texas anyway. Would be nice if i knew more people there though.

So yea. In a nutshell.

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